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March 2001, Volume 4, No. 6
 Updated: March 16, 2001
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A quick description of this month's top stories

    District 10 superintendent retires after seventeen years
    After seventeen years, District 10, will get a new superintendent. Dr. Acksel will soon be leaving. He has been superintendent since 1984. The new superintendent, Kenneth Cull, will take over July 1, 2001.

    Recent Science Fair impresses judges
    The judges of this year's science fair were impressed with the quality of the sixty-six projects entered. Their experience as judges ranged from four to about twenty-eight years!

News for March, 2001
Recent Science Fair impresses judges
District 10 superintendent retires after seventeen years
Board elections will affect Peacock programs
New Social Studies teacher begins mid-year
Eighth grader rescued at basketball game
Village Board discusses future of downtown
Arbor visits benefit students and residents
Will there be a talent show?
The 600-Minute Reading Club

Op-Ed for March, 2001
Do we have a drug abuse problem in Itasca?

Features for March, 2001
The international space station
Did Governor Ryan bring back history?
Itasca Museum plans renovations
Is that a Cybiko hand held in your pocket?
Mr. Raschk keeps Peacock running
Crayonville: a colorful short story
Poster Contest offers big prizes on Memorial Day

Entertainment for March, 2001
Red Robin
Famous Daves
Delightful Dappers offers great food and location
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
A review of Hannibal
Down to Earth
Back Street Boys blow fans away
Who was the mole?
Stunt Racer 64 is an unexceptional racing game
Dear Lifesaver

Sports for March, 2001
Coach and team have high expectations for volleyball season
Basketball coaches reflect on successes and failures
Lake Park sophomores take third place in conference

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